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If you want to know how the business works, we highly recommend you watch this video.

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Business Cycle and YOU

Everyone needs a good place to invest their hard-earned money. The best place is the BIG Companies. This is not a new formula, this has been the cycle from the start. It is not just applicable to one type of business but to ALL types. Those big companies are growing bigger and bigger. Why? It’s no secret. The reason behind is the CONTINUITY of the business through CONSUMPTION. As long as there are CONSUMERS, the business will continue to prosper. In return, you, as an investor, will BENEFIT. You will get your ROI (Return on Investment) and your income will grow. This has been the scenario over and over with the food that people eat, the roof above our heads, the clothes we need to wear. Nowadays, TECHNOLOGY is one BIG NECESSITY. Without it, we will lose CONNECTION to the outside world, to our loved ones, to our businesses. We need Technology just like we need WATER to drink and AIR to breathe. If you ask me, where is that place to invest your MONEY? Think of this concept, you will never go wrong. SMART< GLOBE, SUN– these are the major TELCOS today and with 300 other Prepaid services that VMOBILE is connected with, TECHNOLOGY products and services are in the core of the system, with 85 Million Cellphone users, these products and services are CONTINUOUSLY being consumed/ patronized and so your Return on Investment is within your reach in no time and the BEST part is, your very FIRST MILLION!

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Palusot # 1 Di ko naman linya yan. Ang sagot ko, di ko rin linya ito kasi po nursing ako, Pero inaral ko lang ang business kaya nagawan ko ng paraan.


Palusot # 2 Wala ako time sa mga ganyan. Ang sagot ko, wala rin ako time dati… pero nun inintindi ko ang negosyo, nakita ko na pwede ito magbibigay ng maraming time sa akin in the future.


Palusot # 3 Wala ako pera. Ang sagot ko, wala din akong pera kaya naghanap ako ng paraan para magkapera. Ang laking pasasalamat ko kasi nagdesisyon ako na sumali sa business na ito. 🙂 ♥


Palusot # 4 Ang mga nauna lang ang kikita dyan. Ang sagot ko, yon din akala ko dati. Pero mali pala ako… Ang totoo pala ay kung sino talaga ang serious, focus, committed sa business na ito ang mas malaki ang kita. 🙂


Palusot # 5 Baka wala akong ma-invite. Ang sagot ko, ikaw lang ba nakatira sa mundong ito? Imposible talaga walang tao gustong kumausap sayo. Mas lalo ko nga nagustuhan ang business na ito kasi dumami tuloy ang kaibigan ko. 🙂


Joel Garsuta VMOBILE

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VMOBILE | Why it is the Most Relevant Business

The Philippines, being considered as the texting capital of the world, is having the best business opportunity there is, not just for the rich people, there is equal opportunity. A lot think of having their own business as a tall mountain or a finish line to a long distance race. Little do they know that there is a business now that is within our grasp. The initial investment for Vmobile is only P3,988, single account. The maximum potential income for that is P900,000.00 a month or P30,000.00 a day. For REAL. Vmobile’s mission is to Empower People Through Technology. Technology makes the world work thru the gadgets, the neat things in our pockets and on our tables, laps but you know what gadget we cannot live without? It’s our mobile phones! Anywhere we go, even in the bathroom, people carry them around! In our country Vmobile as a business is just the right one! It’s the most relevant! It’s got a small investment (can be more if you get more than 1 account) and it’s the most relevant.  (source:

We’ve seen those cheques posted by earners, their happy experiences buying their dream cars, houses. The things they all want to achieve. The success of Vmobile is just so evident in Social Media. For a very short time of less than 4 years, Filipino millionaires in this business are now approaching its count to 100!

(added reference: )




Smart, Globe and Sun provided accreditation with VMobile Technology. Undeniably, these 3 telcos are recognizing the legitimacy of the business. IT just means that If you are with Vmobile you are partnering with big companies! There is no room for scam here. In fact, recently, Smart Communications awarded VMobile for airtime and activation achievement awards. VMobile was so great at endorsing and empowering people that it outsold SM Malls in terms of activation sales! That means VMobile is now the biggest partner of Smart.

“This is why no one comes close to VMobile. Our relationship with the Telcos is a must to maintain competitive advantage. Other companies who followed us in offering ‘universal prepaid loading’ use third party platform hence they do not have DIRECT RELATIONSHIP with the telcos ,” – Ismael Bengco III



This is a warning to all who are thinking of joining us. You will get rich in this business. It may seem a cliche to you right now but once you’re in it, you’ll realize the reality of the new chapter of your life–  the happy life, good relationship with others, experiencing financial freedom.


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VMOBILE | Basic Needs


We can live without beauty products, supplements, etc. BUT we cannot live without food, shelter, clothing and CELLPHONE LOAD!

With VMOBILE, we do NOT need to SELL anything. People come to us because it’s a necessity.


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VMOBILE | Some of the Members of the Millionaires Club of Vmobile

Join Us NOW!

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VMOBILE | Celebrities

vmobile celebs

These are celebrities who are now Technopreneurs of Vmobile.

They are not advertising Vmobile like the usual product ads, they are doing Vmobile as their OWN BUSINESS.


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How To Earn | VMOBILE

1. Discount on  Prepaid Loads –

Save 8- 11% on prepaid load.

Sample Computation:
You used 1,000 worth of Load per Day
1,000 x 30 days = P 30,000

get 8% to 11% = P3,600.00



2. Technouser Access Cards –

Earn 250.00 per Technouser Access Cards sold

Sample Computation:

P250 cards x 20 = P5,000.00 (Return Of Investment)





3. Lifetime Retailer Override – Earn 1% on all the LOADS

used or sold by you and your TECHNOUSERS.

Sample Computation:
20 TECHNOUSERS x 500 consumed per day
10,000 x 30 days = 30,000 x 1% = P3,000 per month.

4. Direct Sales Incentive –

Every Friend/Person you Sponsored/Trained,

you will be given Php 500 as your incentive.

Sample Computation:
You sponsored 30 Dealership Packages
30 x 500 = P15,000.00

5. Team Sales Bonus –

when New Names registers under your Team A and Team B,

the system pairs them with the ratio of 1:1 and credits

your account with the amount

of Php 500 for every pair.

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VMOBILE | Foreigner Successful @ Technopreneurship

Mr. Ingo Hansen

Assistant Vice President at Chartis Insurance currently doing Vmobile as part time business.

Vmobile is truly a life changing opportunity.

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