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VMOBILE | Business Open to OFW’s

on March 17, 2012

In our group, we have OFW members. Although they are based outside of the Philippines, they do not see their location, being an OFW, a hindrance,  but rather an advantage to leverage the power of technology through the empowerment of thousands of Filipino Overseas Workers where they are working and also in other countries to open up businesses together with their friends, relatives and family members back in the Philippines.

I am an ex-OFW myself, and my common advice to them is this: You want to help your relatives and friends in the Philippines and it’s innate. It’s a good thing. However, I would advice not to give them money all the time. Why don’t you give them something or introduce them to something where they can earn from it themselves, a business where they do not need to ask money from you anymore. It is reasonable and you are helping them LONG TERM. Another benefit they will get is when they register themselves, they will have earnings to withdraw when they come hom to the Philippines!


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One response to “VMOBILE | Business Open to OFW’s

  1. thanks for this opportunity to share this of this business….Yes it’s really true ,we can earn even we’re here abroad…

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