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on March 17, 2012
We are a group of open-minded individuals seeking to break free from the traditional system of employment and start our own business venture through VMobile’s LoadXtreme.
Today, most Filipinos still rely heavily on Prepaid Loading systems setup by giant Telcos: Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular. These make up the bulk of LoadXtreme’s product line together with other prepaid services from other companies like LevelUp, SkyCable, PLDT and many more.
The best thing about this business is we are NOT selling. More importantly, any individual at any given time, will search for a place to get LOAD. Why? Because it is a NECESSITY.
The masses of Filipinos using prepaid cellphones and other prepaid services will only increase in the future as the expansion of services and coverage of these giant telecommunication companies never ceases. The need for the prepaid services will only increase in volume, never decreases as well as every  time we have an addition to our population, they soon become consumers of prepaid loads.
Do you want to have an 8-11% discount on prepaid loads?
Do you want to enjoy both getting discounts and earning money at the same time?
If you are already in the business of prepaid loading, do you want to earn more?
Do you have relatives and friends who are heavy user/s of prepaid load?
Do you want them to enjoy the same benefits as well?
Do you want them to earn more together with you?
If your answer to all of these questions is YES, then feel free to contact us for a business presentation and have a chance to join our team.
Mobile: 0917.735.0667 | Email: | Twitter: annemavericks22

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