VMOBILE | Service of Convenience, Opportunity, Possibilities

VMOBILE | Loadxtreme

on March 22, 2012

ADVOCACY: Empowerment through Technology

This website has the FAQ’s for members which can help them educate themselves and be successful in the business. Knowing the business is vital in the success of being a Technopreneur. Our first step to becoming a Vmobile Tecnhopreneur is in this website. The registration starts here. Once a member, the functions in the website, will come in handy such as ON LINE LOADING. One of the great things with using Loadxtreme is the capability of LOADING ON LINE. There is an option for On line loading, allowing you to send the load with the specific service codes to your cellphones! The products that Loadxtreme has are easily seen in the dropdown menu for your convenience. The members can easily transfer load wallet credits to other members as well through LOAD WALLET TRANSFER. The Resources Tab also gives important information to the members such as the Directory of Independent Business Centers (  in the country and these are downloadable PDF files.  The Contact Us Tab also allows members to report issues through sms and a ticket can be opened for e-mail support.


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