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Vmobile | Quality Time and Family Time

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VMOBILE | Bring Home an OFW For Good!


Vmobile is not only a business for Filipinos in the Philippines but for OFW’s. The OFW’s can have this business while they continue to work out there for their families in the Philippines and for their own future. The best part is, Vmobile can help bring home an OFW for good. As of this post, there are already OFWs who are back in our country because of the great opportunity they found in Vmobile. One of the most successful Technopreneurs in this business is Maverick’s very own Mr. Gerrard Gallego. He used to work in the US and now he is the Top 4 Millionaire of this business. No wonder he has a soft spot for OFW’s. My mission in this business is also to help  not just fellow Filipinos but to help realize the dream of being here in our country but earning as much AND MORE because of Vmobile. I used to be an OFW and I’ve promised myself one thing: I’ll earn MORE than what I used to earn as an IT Consultant and MORE. It’s starting to show me that picture I used to dream while I was out there, away from home.

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Old and Working or Old and Dependent… Why not experience FINANCIAL FREEDOM?!

Age dependency ratio, old, is the ratio of older dependents–people older than 64–to the working-age population–those ages 15-64. Data are shown as the proportion of dependents per 100 working-age population. For older people who aren’t working anymore, they turn out to be dependent to the 15-64 age group. So they still do not experience Financial Freedom, they haven’t really retired because they do not have retirement money for themselves. The data below shows the rising population of old dependent people in our country. 


This is NOT a HOPELESS case. We can do something about this NOW! | 0917.735.0667

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