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2012 Richest Man in the World source: Telecom

Carlos Slim Helú is a Mexican business magnate and philanthropist who is currently ranked as the richest person in the world in 2012. Slim has been ranked the richest person in the world since 2010.

Carlos Slim Helu retains the title of world’s richest man for the third year in a row despite a fortune that’s $5 billion smaller than a year ago-primarily ­because of a lower share price for telecom giant America Movil, which accounts for more than half his net worth. In April the company was fined $1 billion by Mexican regulators for monopolistic practices, but is appealing the decision. Slim is spending more time working with his Carlos Slim Foundation and the Telmex Foundation than he has in the past. His goal: philanthropic work that develops human capacity.
América Móvil, which in 2010 was Latin America’s largest mobile-phone carrier, accounted for around US$49 billion of Slim’s wealth by the end of 2010.[3] His corporate holdings as of March 2012 have been estimated at US$69 billion.[1]

The Philippines, just like Mexico, is a third world country with millions of Telecom users. Specifically, we have 85 million cellphone users in the country. 85% of which are prepaid users. Even the postpaid subscribers have other prepaid phones for other networks. Most Filipinos have more than 1 cellphone and more than 1 network subscription. Vmobile Technology saw this great opportunity not to produce sellers fo the Telco products but to incentivize  the usage of the prepaid products through this business. I can honestly say that Vmobile as a company made a tremendously smart move on this business system. Imagine, creating interest on regular cellphone users of all walks of life because of the affordability of the business franchise (P3,988) and a lot of investors as well. There is a wide market because the business can be done easily even by young people, students, even retired professionals and non-professionals. The 65 Millionaires recognized recently in Resorts World Manila came from a diverse group. Drivers, grocery bagger, fisherman, waiter, vendors became millionaires!

Bottomline: Open your mind and see the opportunity in front of you. With 85 Million Cellphone USERS in the country, Vmobile will definitely create more and more millionaires from our country. Vmobile Technologies, is the Most Relevant Business!


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VMOBILE | Bring Home an OFW For Good!


Vmobile is not only a business for Filipinos in the Philippines but for OFW’s. The OFW’s can have this business while they continue to work out there for their families in the Philippines and for their own future. The best part is, Vmobile can help bring home an OFW for good. As of this post, there are already OFWs who are back in our country because of the great opportunity they found in Vmobile. One of the most successful Technopreneurs in this business is Maverick’s very own Mr. Gerrard Gallego. He used to work in the US and now he is the Top 4 Millionaire of this business. No wonder he has a soft spot for OFW’s. My mission in this business is also to help  not just fellow Filipinos but to help realize the dream of being here in our country but earning as much AND MORE because of Vmobile. I used to be an OFW and I’ve promised myself one thing: I’ll earn MORE than what I used to earn as an IT Consultant and MORE. It’s starting to show me that picture I used to dream while I was out there, away from home.

Join us NOW! Anne: 0917.735.0667 |

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Old and Working or Old and Dependent… Why not experience FINANCIAL FREEDOM?!

Age dependency ratio, old, is the ratio of older dependents–people older than 64–to the working-age population–those ages 15-64. Data are shown as the proportion of dependents per 100 working-age population. For older people who aren’t working anymore, they turn out to be dependent to the 15-64 age group. So they still do not experience Financial Freedom, they haven’t really retired because they do not have retirement money for themselves. The data below shows the rising population of old dependent people in our country. 


This is NOT a HOPELESS case. We can do something about this NOW! | 0917.735.0667

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VMOBILE | 2012 Graduates, What’s Next?

Most fresh grads try lo look for their very first jobs, some take a break and cool things down a little bit, but MOST try to get jobs to be able to have their own businesses in the future, earn bigger earnings as they go along employment. Why not START  NOW? It’s very much possible with VMOBILE. The opportunity is HERE and this is the MOST RELEVANT BUSINESS because there is continuous and growing consumption in PREPAID LOADS. =)

Ask me HOW: Anne – 0917.735.0667 | | twitter: annemavericks22

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VMOBILE | Leverage Income

It’s your LIFE.

You have CHOICES how to LIVE it.

Don’t you wonder why MOST people grow old and retire with NOTHING?

It’s because they ONLY have MONEY while they’re WORKING.

Successful people CHOOSE money to work for themselves.

Thus they feel young, they ENJOY LIFE, and SPEND TIME with FAMILY! =)

Rethink your life choices, it’s never too late.


Mobile: 0917.735.0667 | Email: | Twitter: annemavericks22
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Palusot # 1 Di ko naman linya yan. Ang sagot ko, di ko rin linya ito kasi po nursing ako, Pero inaral ko lang ang business kaya nagawan ko ng paraan.


Palusot # 2 Wala ako time sa mga ganyan. Ang sagot ko, wala rin ako time dati… pero nun inintindi ko ang negosyo, nakita ko na pwede ito magbibigay ng maraming time sa akin in the future.


Palusot # 3 Wala ako pera. Ang sagot ko, wala din akong pera kaya naghanap ako ng paraan para magkapera. Ang laking pasasalamat ko kasi nagdesisyon ako na sumali sa business na ito. 🙂 ♥


Palusot # 4 Ang mga nauna lang ang kikita dyan. Ang sagot ko, yon din akala ko dati. Pero mali pala ako… Ang totoo pala ay kung sino talaga ang serious, focus, committed sa business na ito ang mas malaki ang kita. 🙂


Palusot # 5 Baka wala akong ma-invite. Ang sagot ko, ikaw lang ba nakatira sa mundong ito? Imposible talaga walang tao gustong kumausap sayo. Mas lalo ko nga nagustuhan ang business na ito kasi dumami tuloy ang kaibigan ko. 🙂


Joel Garsuta VMOBILE

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